Visitation Policy

A short explanation about our visitation policy.

We get many requests to visit us and meet the dogs, and we truly love people, but we have a private and social life as well. 

For that reason, we would rather wait to meet in person until you decide what kind of dog you want and have a look at your puppy once they are born.

We are always happy to correspond via email for any queries you may have, and we will send you pictures and information of how things are progressing.

The basic steps in the process are:

If you are interested in a particular dog or mating, please fill in the application form and let us know what you are looking for. 

Once this is complete, we will then follow up in an email with further details.

After the birth of the puppies, we will set up a private group with information, pictures, and details of the litter.
You are welcome to visit us and the puppies,once they are 4-5 weeks old.
Please don't visit sick people, your vet or a hospital before your visit. 

We don't want to risk any preventable infections with interactions of visitors and risk sick puppies, or the death of the whole litter.
With a new litter of puppies, bitches want to have their peace and dont appriciate people they have never seen before.  We resepct that 100 %, and we want them to feel safe and protected in our home at all times.

We hope you understand!