Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean aka Gimba 


Swiss Mountain Jelly Bean aka Gimba

Jelly bean aka Gimba is a super relaxed, funny, upbeat, patient and kind cobbergirl. She lives in a small and very familiar child day care facility and brings a lot of joy to these preschool children. She will join our program very soon and will have her first litter in her next heat. While writing this I was thinking how blessed I am to have all these great dogs close by, and how very blessed we all are, if we can welcome a dog in our life. Gimba is a treasure she has a heart out of gold and is pure love. Thank you, Doris, for taking such good care of our Darling. 

Lady  with Jelly Bean
Jelly bean 1
Jelly bean 1

Jelly Bean aka Gimba

° 25.04.2020

M. Diamond Dogs Lady Stardust

F. Rutlands Dressed to Parti

Size: Small Medium (44 cm - 14 kg)

Colour: Chocolate Parti

Coat: bbEe, IC free

Hipps : excellent/good

ED free

Patella OFA free

prcd-PRA free

Eyes ECVO clear

Dentition correct