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We'd like to know more of you!

Adding a dog to your family, is a big - very exciting - thing. As your new puppy will be a fully fledged family member for the next 10 to 15 years, you better take your time to contemplate  what it is - exactly -  that you expect from a  dog.  For some people, it is very difficult to choose the right dogbreed, the breed that suits them best,  or the right puppy, with the  ideal character and temperament. We help you to consider all that's involved, and therefore would like to know a bit more about you and your family.


We know what the Australian Cobberdog has to offer and we know our individual dogs very well. We can make a more accurate estimation of which litter/puppy will meet your expectations. At the age of 7 weeks, our puppies are professionally tested  to  gain insight into their character and  disposition. Based on what we know about the parents, the results of the puppy test and your personal needs and wishes, we try to match you with your dream companion.


How do I get on the waiting list for a puppy?

Fill in the puppy application form

The puppy form will help you figure out how your ideal dog looks like and what you search for and need in a dog. By sharing this information with us, we can see if we can breed this perfect puppy for you.

We contact you to meet our dogs

After receiving your puppy form, we place you on our provisional waiting list and we will contact you to meet us and our dogs in person. Of course we'll make time for all your questions.

You can make an official reservation

If we both have a good feeling about it and we think one of our planned litters might result in a suitable puppy for your family, you can secure your spot on our waiting list with a 10% deposit *.

* Your deposit is refundable ONLY when we can not deliver you a puppy


Application for a Swiss Mountain Australian Cobberdog Puppy

breeding prospect
puppy suitable for therapy, assistance,... work
family dog
small medium size
medium size
standard size
straight fleece coat
wavy fleece coat
curly fleece coat
puppy that suits our family, no matter the coat type
Red Rose
Blond Rose
White Rose

Breeding Prospect

If you are an MDBA registered Australian Cobberdog breeder, you can contact us if you are interested in buying a breeding prospect out of our lines. We also offer limited stud service (Spring Hills Solomon).

Puppy suitable for Therapy

Are you planning to train your dog for therapy purpose or as an assistance dog, does your family has special needs? Please note this in the puppy application form and we'll take this into account.

Family Dog

What we love the most about breeding Cobberdogs, is making so many families happy with a great companion! We take it very serious to match every puppy to his perfect forever home.